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SN | General Internships

Symbiotic Nation

Entertainment Company | Online Part-time Internship

Job Title: General Internship

Job Location: Online Internship | Via Skype

Job Description:

We are looking for anyone from around the country and world that has access to an online connection and camera on their computer to work from home!

We have a very interesting and unique type of opportunity for several interns (from the US and around the world) here at PM. This would be a great way to gain some great experience with an interesting twist in the typical type of internship (ie. you won't be having to get anyone coffee here). We are very flexible with the schedule and the cool part about this is that you can do it from home or school anywhere you have access to an internet connection.

With the music industry and technology changing so rapidly we wanted to try a new approach an experiment if you will in communicating and being able to work from pretty much anywhere. We are looking for several interns that have a laptop with a built-in camera and access to the internet (via school, coffee shop or home) so that we would be able to communicate via video chat (ie. Skype, Gmail, AIM) and IM. Communications would not only be with the company but actually interacting with the artists themselves in this environment to be able to ultimately accomplish their goals and objectives.

We currently work with 3 music artists, director cinematographer, web design company and recording studio so the tasks and goals of each will vary and change quite a bit.

Job Requirements:


We are looking for anyone from around the globe that has access to an online connection and camera on their computer to work from home!

All interested candidates must be enrolled in and eligible to receive college credit from an accredited college, educational institution or university. Candidates should possess exceptional computer, excellent written and communication skills. Strong familiarity and a working knowledge of social networking sites a must (ie. myspace, facebook, twitter, reverbnation etc.) Interest in the music industry a MUST! Any other skills you bring to the table are a PLUS! Internships are unpaid and are only for academic credit only. Ability to work approximately 16-25 hours per week, days and times are flexible.

All applicants will be required to submit proof of enrollment in an accredited college or university internship program.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Having incredible passion and desire for knowledge in the music industry
  • Marketing on clients websites and social networking sites. (ie. Blogging, Tweets etc.)
  • Creating and sending out press releases | press inquiries via email.
  • Searching for new opportunities for clients online and beyond.
  • Bringing in your own fresh ideas collaborating with us and networking with others.
  • Keeping current PM | Artists databases current.
  • Event planning - Attending, helping and promoting at and for our events (guest list, artist needs, flyering, band mailing list etc.)
  • Contacting and interacting with artists themselves to accomplish goals.
  • Working on sponsorship opportunities for clients.
  • Typing and proofreading contracts.
  • Handling and coordinating press and publicity for our clients.
  • Making calls on behalf of PM & clients.
  • Searching for new talent for PM.
  • Playing an integral part in the development of the management company and our clients.



  • Laptop with a built-in camera (Mac or PC is fine) (To be able to communicate during the end of the day to talk about what has been accomplished)
  • Internet connection (being able to stay in touch with us at all times during your scheduled work times) via IM & video chat. Although you will be able to work from practically anywhere that means you will have to put in the time.
  • Cell phone
  • Personal transportation ( a plus but not a necessity) the bus and train works fine too.
  • Experience on Microsoft Word, Excel. (Powerpoint a plus!)
  • Being able to meet up for strategy meetings together once a week or every other week. (Depending on schedules)
  • Social Networking friendly.
  • New ideas (no matter how silly you think they may be) we want your input ANYTHING GOES!
  • Ability to multi-task on several projects at a time.
  • People Person
  • Hard worker with excellent work ethic (just because you can work from anywhere does not mean you won't put in the work. YOU WILL!)
  • Organized
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.


  • A great reference for your future in the music industry.
  • New way of working. (not making coffee for some executive)
  • Having a real say and making your ideas count.
  • Music industry knowledge.
  • Networking and establishing contacts for your future endeavours.
  • Working with cool people and bands.
  • College credit


Symbiotic Nation is a forward thinking company.

Wrapper Internships

Want to be Famous?

Symbiotic Nation is currently seeking the next generation of ON AIR Talent.


Symbiotic Nation | SN is a global entertainment startup that is planning on reinventing the way the entertainment and music industry game is played. SNTV is looking for a NATION of the brightest industry professionals with an open mind and fresh, forward thinking vision to become the new standard in entertainment.

Think GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and APPLE, all visionaries and mavericks in their own right. That is our mission and where we are headed.

The Symbiotic Nation business model is simple. Create a symbiotic relationship that mutually benefits all parties involved in our upcoming projects. What this means is building a global entertainment infrastructure and brand together. Creating original content through multiple platforms, are the keys that will ultimately drive viewers, sponsors and investors to us. Our mutual investment is our talent. The benefits to both parties are exponential.

How do you Benefit?

  • Massive exposure of your talents.
  • Supporting your own platforms for your future projects.
  • Experience in the Entertainment Industry.
  • Meeting industry movers and shakers.
  • Access to the hottest events.
  • Working with creative thinkers like yourself.
  • Building your network of contacts.
  • Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry.

Symbiotic Nation TV is one of those projects. SNTV vision is to launch first via the internet on networks like YouTube, Vimeo etc., then onto TV ultimately with a network all their own. Think MTV, VH1, ET, TMZ all wrapped into one. We want to produce outstanding original content in the fields of music and entertainment.

SNTV wants YOU! We are looking for people for the following fields of broadcasting:

  • ON AIR Talent with the ability to broadcast video from home.
  • ON AIR Talent to conduct interviews at various events.
  • Strong knowledge of both the music & entertainment industries.
  • Have a fresh & energetic look.
  • Video VJ's
  • Editors
  • Cameramen
  • Lighting
  • Directors
  • Producers

Please submit your headshots and resume to: sn (at) symbioticnation (dot) com

These are non-paying positions.


Symbiotic Nation | Manifesto

We believe that a massive globally-interconnected infrastructure composed of creative talent, forward thinking visionaries and strategic partnerships, will have the ability to change the "Entertainment Industry" as we know it today by exchanging ideas and reacting to changes in real time.

We also believe, that this formidable "Superstructure" would gain and maintain power & mass influence that will completely replace the existing industry with a new open source business model.

This new "symbiotic" approach would offer new opportunities for all emerging talent & global partners. Ultimately, the breaking down of previously closed avenues would provide all participants with a greater chance of success through new open roads.

At its core, our own nation - composed of closely linked contacts and networks, using existing platforms and readily available free resources, can become a force to be reckoned with by its sheer size, mobility, focus & determination.

We believe that a global think tank, is where new innovative concepts and groundbreaking ideas will be born by sharing, educating, communicating and broadcasting all strategic moves quickly throughout the entire nation.

By creating new symbiotic relationships, we develop a vast audience of followers, endless channels of opportunities, new revenue streams, networking and personal creative independence never before achieved.

What Is Symbiotic Nation?

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