Want to be Famous?

Symbiotic Nation is currently seeking the next generation of ON AIR Talent.


Symbiotic Nation | SN is a global entertainment startup that is planning on reinventing the way the entertainment and music industry game is played. SNTV is looking for a NATION of the brightest industry professionals with an open mind and fresh, forward thinking vision to become the new standard in entertainment.

Think GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and APPLE, all visionaries and mavericks in their own right. That is our mission and where we are headed.

The Symbiotic Nation business model is simple. Create a symbiotic relationship that mutually benefits all parties involved in our upcoming projects. What this means is building a global entertainment infrastructure and brand together. Creating original content through multiple platforms, are the keys that will ultimately drive viewers, sponsors and investors to us. Our mutual investment is our talent. The benefits to both parties are exponential.

How do you Benefit?

  • Massive exposure of your talents.
  • Supporting your own platforms for your future projects.
  • Experience in the Entertainment Industry.
  • Meeting industry movers and shakers.
  • Access to the hottest events.
  • Working with creative thinkers like yourself.
  • Building your network of contacts.
  • Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry.

Symbiotic Nation TV is one of those projects. SNTV vision is to launch first via the internet on networks like YouTube, Vimeo etc., then onto TV ultimately with a network all their own. Think MTV, VH1, ET, TMZ all wrapped into one. We want to produce outstanding original content in the fields of music and entertainment.

SNTV wants YOU! We are looking for people for the following fields of broadcasting:

  • ON AIR Talent with the ability to broadcast video from home.
  • ON AIR Talent to conduct interviews at various events.
  • Strong knowledge of both the music & entertainment industries.
  • Have a fresh & energetic look.
  • Video VJ's
  • Editors
  • Cameramen
  • Lighting
  • Directors
  • Producers

Please submit your headshots and resume to: sn (at) symbioticnation (dot) com

These are non-paying positions.