Symbiotic Nation | Manifesto

We believe that a massive globally-interconnected infrastructure composed of creative talent, forward thinking visionaries and strategic partnerships, will have the ability to change the "Entertainment Industry" as we know it today by exchanging ideas and reacting to changes in real time.

We also believe, that this formidable "Superstructure" would gain and maintain power & mass influence that will completely replace the existing industry with a new open source business model.

This new "symbiotic" approach would offer new opportunities for all emerging talent & global partners. Ultimately, the breaking down of previously closed avenues would provide all participants with a greater chance of success through new open roads.

At its core, our own nation - composed of closely linked contacts and networks, using existing platforms and readily available free resources, can become a force to be reckoned with by its sheer size, mobility, focus & determination.

We believe that a global think tank, is where new innovative concepts and groundbreaking ideas will be born by sharing, educating, communicating and broadcasting all strategic moves quickly throughout the entire nation.

By creating new symbiotic relationships, we develop a vast audience of followers, endless channels of opportunities, new revenue streams, networking and personal creative independence never before achieved.

What Is Symbiotic Nation?

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